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Melissa Wilm

Melissa Wilm is a wonderful young professional member who works as operations coordinator at the Carlson Global Institute of the Carlson School of Management. Melissa finds people fascinating and seeks human encounters in all aspects of her life.

At Carlson, she supports programs that send students abroad and aids international students coming to the College. “What I enjoy the most about my job is hearing about students that want to study abroad, or about their experiences when they come back.”

During her undergraduate years at St. Olaf College, Melissa had the opportunity to live and study abroad in the city and country she is particularly fond of: Rennes, France.

When we asked Melissa what she likes most about France she says the people, the history and the way of life: “I love that people take time to eat together, that they are not too stressed, that holidays are actual holidays: the work-life balance is good in France.”

A year after graduating with a Bachelor of French and Business Management, Melissa went back to France and taught English to middle and high schools students in Tours (Minneapolis Sister City). She kept in touch with the people from there, and hopes to go back to visit more beautiful places in France, such as Corsica.

As Melissa tries to stay close to France in any way she possibly can, she explains that connecting with our Executive Director, Odile Hédoire-Young, was wonderful. “Odile is really welcoming and the FACCMN is a great opportunity for me to meet other people interested in international connection in the Cities.”

Since she joined the FACMMN, Melissa regularly attends and volunteers at events. Melissa adds that she feels fortunate to have a French-American Chamber here. "It has given me the opportunity to discover the French-American business community and speak French while here in the Cities."

The FACCMN is very grateful to Melissa for her contribution as a young professional member and volunteer. Un grand Merci Melissa! You are a wonderful addition to the chamber!


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