Scott McCONNELLS, Ph.D.Professor, Department of Educational Psychology, College of Education and Human Development, University of Minnesota

As a Professor of Educational Psychology and Child Psychology at the University of Minnesota, Scott McConnell’s research focuses primarily on preschool-aged children, and the skills and competencies that will enable them to learn and participate in school and other settings. He and his colleagues at IGDILab are developing and testing applications for Individual Growth and Development Indicators of language and early literacy development for preschoolers. Some of this research has been licensed to Early Learning Labs, Inc. for commercial distribution.

As a group, we hope our research is practical and helps teachers solve problems that, in turn, help them better serve their students. To do that, we want teachers to have access to our tools. "The market" -- commercial distribution -- is one way to do that. This presentation will present some of the lessons we've learned as we've gone from academic research to start-up.

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