Educational, Business, Networking & Signature Events

Through a diverse range of events, ranging from programs of 30 participants to larger scale functions of 250 guests, we provide members with valuable business networking opportunities.  

FACCMN prides itself on being an open and friendly organization with a strong focus on networking and partnerships. Membership with FACCMN gives access to a wide network of senior business contacts, key players in the French-Minnesota business community and state, federal and French government officials. 

FACCMN enables its members to enhance their profile and reputation in the Twin Cities business community, exchange experiences, and ultimately expand their network both in Minnesota and France.

Business & Educational Functions

With the help of economists, lawyers and company executives, FACCMN, along with other European chambers and business associations in the Twin Cities, organizes regular seminars and workshops on a range of topics that provide expert insight into:

  • Key trade and technology trends,
  • Finance and taxes,
  • Industrial relations and other issues that have an impact on businesses operating in Minnesota.  

These functions also provide an ideal opportunity for business leaders to gain new information, exchange views and build networks.

Networking Opportunities

FACCMN also presents a series of networking events throughout the year.  The monthly "Rendez-Vous du Jeudi" is one of them. These informal affairs showcase experienced business and political leaders who talk about doing business both in Minnesota and France. 

Signature Events

In addition to business functions, FACCMN also hosts a sell-out social event and fundraiser, the annual Fête du Vin, renowned for French flair and elusive “Je ne sais quoi!” Our consistency in providing the best food and wine, a relaxed yet stylish ambiance and a sophisticated range of entertainment provides members with the perfect opportunity for formal and informal networking.

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