Managing Mental Health in the Workplace

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How being an Expat can help you and others through this crisis


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Managing Mental Health in the Workplace: How Being an Expat can help you and others through it

Epidemics and pandemics come with significant mental health impacts that need to be addressed at the societal but also organizational level. We will suggest ways that we can help ourselves and our teams adapt to unchartered territory—everything feels totally different—in the same way that we have learned to adapt to lives across the globe. Where do we look for support? How do we handle setbacks, awkwardness and miscommunication? And how can we and those we manage grow and evolve from this situation?

Finally, we will discuss how the multiple crises caused by the COVID-19 pandemic are changing the nature and role of management and why this could be an opportunity for collective good.

This discussion will start at 2pm CDT (3pm EDT) on June 18th with 30 minutes presentation and 15 minutes Q&A.

We will send the details to connect to the Zoom meeting via email prior to the event.


Carin-Isabel Knoop, Executive Director at Harvard Business School

Carin-Isabel Knoop heads the Harvard Business School case writing team that supports faculty develop case studies on managers. With Professor John Quelch, dean of the University of Miami, she has published about managers’ role in improving the mental health of their teams and organizations and the importance of compassionate management. As the Franco-German daughter of diplomats, she has also lived, traveled and written about organizations around the world. (cknoop(@)hbs.edu)


Sylvie Maury, Integrative Life and Wellness coach at Self Path Coaching

Sylvie Maury is a certified Integrative Life and Wellness coach who specializes in helping clients going through life transitions. Sylvie was first an executive in the fashion industry for large international organizations. She also spent years as an expatriate, living in four countries on three continents. She became interested in neurosciences as a young mother and decided to learn more about mind and body medicine. Today she brings her experience and training to help clients enhance their resilience and in the process that of others around her. (sylvie(@)selfpathcoaching.com)


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