KATHY EHRMANN BOHNENL'More Chocolat Owner, Master Chocolatier

Kathy Ehrmann Bohnen, Owner/Founder L'More Chocolat

Kathy’s love of chocolate began at a very early age and she has had a lifelong goal of turning that passion into something more. Her dream has been realized with the creation of L’More Chocolat. Building upon a 25 year commercial real estate career that formed new shapes across many skylines, which included locally the Guthrie Theater and the Medtronic Campus, her vision now is to shape chocolate into distinctive moments and memories that change the heart. 

So it has been for most of her adult life that Kathy has been building this dream. The saying “Life is Short” never became so real for her as in a few very defining moments and undeniable signs in recent years that the time was now. One November evening while traveling on business she had found herself walking the streets of Paris at night, with a mouth full of chocolate, when the deadly terrorist attack occurred just blocks away. A few months later, she lost a close friend to cancer, one who had been a valued business colleague and dear personal friend, who shared the same very long hours building many of those real estate projects for their clients together. She knew then she could wait no longer.

Her commitment to crystallize this vision culminated with a European chocolate tour, where she visited 50 of the oldest and most famous chocolate shops in Paris, Brussels, Lucerne, Zurich, and Bruges. Her trip also included being trained and certified as a Chocolatier at Switzerland’s oldest and most prominent chocolate company. She has also completed the Professional Chocolatier Program with Ecole Chocolat, an internationally recognized chocolatier school.

Go to L'More website: https://www.lmorechocolat.com/

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